Fluidized bed dryers

Fluidized bed dryers for bulk handling

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For poorly flowing bulk materials

JÖST and WÖHWA exclusive distributor. In Belgium and Luxemburg.

Founded in 1962, SEDIC became specialized in the distribution of machines and equipments handling bulk materials. As such, today SEDIC is representing in Belgium and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, the companies belonging to the JÖST Group as well as WÖHWA Waagenbau.

Binnen de JÖST Group zijn triltechnieken de hoofdactiviteit met applicaties bij het lossen, het transport, de afzeving en zelfs bij thermische behandeling van aggregaten. De zusterbedrijven binnen de Jöst Group garanderen een uitgebreid productgamma dat het grootste deel van het toepassingsgebied overlapt en dit in zowat alle industriële sectoren.

Within the JÖST-Group, priority is given to the vibration technology, finding applications in most of the industries trough discharge, transport, screening and thermal treatment of the materials. The wide range of machines available covers a large party of those applications. The sister companies, associated within the JÖST-Group, complete and reinforce the pallet of proposed equipments. WÖHWA Waagenbau invented, some 40 years ago, the concept of volumetric dosing and recomposition using electrical gates or by combining these with extraction belt-conveyors. The field of applications is therefore more prensent in the quarries and gravel industry.

Our long experience in the field allows us to assist you efficiently in your projets. Starting from discharging bins and stockpiles, performing feeding, handling and screening, till treatment of bulk goods, our machines will bring the solution. Advice, follow-up and installation in perfect collaboration with customers, that’s our promise.


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