Flip-flop screen TOPCILLA

TOPCILLA combines the advantages of two different screening principles in one machine. The successfully proven JOEST 3D Finger cascade screen TopSpin on the upper deck and the unique JOEST flip-flow screen OSCILLA on the lower deck. A key application is the processing of recycling materials, such as MSW and commercial waste, C & D, scrap metal, waste incineration slag, packaging waste and other heterogeneous material mixes.

TOPCILLA is a combination screen. The upper screen deck is usually a finger cascade screen TopSpin with self-cleaning screen surfaces. For certain applications any other screen deck type from finger screens to panels can be used on the top deck. Each screen opening is open in conveying direc­tion, similar to a finger screen. The 3D surface has a tapered surface which guides the material. By superposition of screen movement and screen lining a constant self-cleaning is guaranteed.

The lower deck is the flip-flow screen OSCILLA.

OSCILLA works with leaf springs between the two oscillating frames. This enables very large relative amplitudes and very high acceleration values of more than 50 G-forces. There is also a fine tuning by the number of leaf springs for every ap­plication.

The high flexibility in the leaf spring tuning guarantees, that the optimum oscillation condition can be achieved easily for the two different screen decks.

The upper TopSpin screen needs a large circular motion, whereas the lower flip-flow screen requires large relative amplitude.

  • Combination of two screening technologies
  • High self cleaning effect
  • Flip-Flow screen deck (lower deck) can be adjusted separately
  • Oil-lubricated drive system available


Length (mm) 3300 4000 5300 6000 7300
Width (mm)
900 x
1200 x
1500 x x
2100 x x
2400 x x
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