Rod screen GRECCO

Bulk materials with content of fines which in conventional screen decks cause clogging due to adhesion of dust particles can be screened without any maintenance by means of the JÖST® GRECCO–screen.

Round rods with different weights glued on their one side into transversal beams, this initiating transversal vibrations. This allows the gaps between these rods to have the typical self-cleaning action. Special maesures at the end of the rods prevent from inadmissable amplitudes. The machine can be built as circular or linear motion screen, this giving an even wider range of application. The system has been well-proven with 30.000 tons of Run-of-Mine-product.

  • Efficient classifying with difficult humid product
  • High throughput possible
  • No clogging
  • No special maintenance required
  • Low-noise machine
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