Sliding gates

More than 50 years ago, WÖHWA developed the method of blending with sliding gates. The cost-effective and energy saving blending method using the WÖHWA sliding gates replaced the industrial methods commonly used at that time. Currently, our customers use more than 40,000 WÖHWA sliding gates in combination with more than 2,000 WÖHWA blending systems all over the world. Many of these have been operational for decades. WÖHWA is in a position to supply spare parts for all types and versions. The WÖHWA sliding gates are continually upgraded and improved to suit additional customer-specific requirements.

WÖHWA sliding gates are designed in modules. Every sliding gate size and every optional component can be quickly sup­plied. All parts are hot-dip galvanized. Gear drive and bearings are maintenance-free.

A wide product range including sliding gates, emergency shut-off gates, double-flange gates, and sealed hopper gates, with discharge openings of 200 x 200 mm to 800 x 800 mm, covers a numerous variety of applications.

WÖHWA Sliding Gate Type 01.1

Sliding gate for free-flowing, coarse-grained bulk materials, well-proven in more than 40,000 installations.

WÖHWA Sliding Gate type 01. Heavy Duty

Ruggedized sliding gate for extreme environments, for example for applications in the mining industry.

WÖHWA Double-Flange Sealed Gate Type 08.1

Shut-off gate for fine-grained and pulverized bulk materials, for example for quartz sands, fillers, and so on. It can also be used for installation above rotary and screw feeders (not hermetically sealed). This gate type can also be used to batch-feed free-flowing, fine-grained bulk materials.

WÖHWA Double-Flange Sealed Gate Type 03.

Shut-off gate for fine-grained and pulverized bulk materials (not hermetically sealed).

WÖHWA Double-Flange Shut-Off Gate Type 02.

Shut-off gate for fine-grained and pulverized bulk materials (not hermetically sealed).

WÖHWA Emergency Shut-Off Gate Type 09.

Simple shut-off gate (must be hammered in for closing) for repair purposes, painted, optionally hot-dip galvanized.

WÖHWA Emergency Shut-Off Gate Type 99.

Robust emergency shut-off gate for repair purposes, with hand-wheel and shaft, painted, optionally hot-dip galvanized.

For technical drawings, please visit the WÖHWA website

  • Water drainage insert box for very wet bulk materials optionally available
  • Motors easily replaceable
  • Ruggedized
  • Hardox wear-resistant lining optionally available
  • Material Flow Controller
  • Adjustable Vulkollan sealing strips
  • Completely hot-dip galvanized
  • Modular design
  • Varying sizes
  • Varying types for different applications
  • Industrial-duty und Heavy Duty versions available

The bulk material quantity discharging from a silo per unit of time (discharge capacity in m³/h or t/h) remains constant with a given opening area, with consistent and pourable bulk material and with a bin/silo fill level of > 1.5 m.

With crushed stone and gravel, the specific discharge capacity is 40 to 60 t/h per dm² opening area. This hour-glass principle is the most economical production method for blending multiple aggregate gradings. WÖHWA recognized this more than 50 years ago when we introduced the sliding gates into the bulk materials industry.

For the reclaim of poorly flowing bulk materials (e.g. crushed sand or wet sand) or for small blending or loadout quantities, the use of WÖHWA belt feeders or batching combinations (sliding gate above a belt feeder) would be the better choice.

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