Standard and conical separators

The Circulation Air Cone Separator and the Standard Conical Separator are two similar products for the seperation of heavy materials through air steaming technology.

The heavy material falls through the ascending air stream and is discharged at the separator base. Light material is discharged together with the exhaust air at the upper part of the separator and conveyed via piping to a cyclone. The separation area is constructed on that way that the rising light material and the falling heavy material do not disturb each other. Thereby light material is steadily discharged, even with high loading. During circula­tion air mode of the cone separator the total sifting air is circulating. Thus there is no discharged air generated. In this mode a sealing of the separator system though a rotary gate valve is necessary. Required air amount and pressing are generated via centrifugal fan.

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The product mixture, feeded centred, is distributed evenly over the total width of the separator and reaches the area of separation afterwards. According to the multiple-cross-section-separation procedure the light material is extracted from the product mixture.

  • By manufacturing combustibles, it can be used in cement plants as well. Almost without inert-, metal and if required also without hard plastics.


Type AxBxC (m) Air Volume (m³/h) Throughput (m³/h) inst. Power (kW)
KAU 750 Z 28 2,0×0,4×5,0 3.600 25 10
KAU 750 Z 40 2,0×4,5×6,0 7.200 50 28
KAU 1000 Z 40 2,5×5,0x6,5 7.200 50 28
KAU 1000 Z 63 3,0×5,5×8,5 14.400 50 36
KAU 1500 Z 63 3,5×6,0x8,5 14.400 100 39
KAU 1500 Z 80 4,5×8,0x10,0 28.800 100 66

The Standard air cone separator plant is designed for the material separation of heavy and light material up to 80 mm. During the filling procedure the product mixture is introduced centrally and is evenly distributed over the entire width of the separator via a top inlet, until it reaches the separation zone.

Type AxBxC (mm)* Air Volume (m³/h)¹* Throughput (t/h) ²* Inst. power (kW)
KS 300 ³* 600x300x150x100 500-1000 <0,75 <2,2
KS 500 ⁴* 1000x500x200x150 1000-2000 0,75-2,5 2,2-4,0
KS 750 ⁴* 1500x750x300x250 2000-4000 1,5-5,0 4,0-7,5
KS 1000 ⁵* 2000x1000x400x300 4000-8000 3,0-10,0 7,5-15
KS 1500 ⁵* 3000x1500x600x450 8000-16000 6,0-20,0 15-30


1* The throughput (product volume flow refers to combustibles with a bulk density of about 100 kg/m³)

2* Mass flow depends on product

3* Only applicable for dust removal of free flowing products. Construction differs partly.

4* To reduce the air exhaust at the inlet area we use an inlet guiding cone for free flowing products. For limited free flowing products an inlet system like e.g. rotary gate valve has to be used at the inlet area.

5* Feeding system (for example rotary gate valve) for separator is necessary

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